With Page Insights+, take your recruitment strategy to the next level.

As a recognized leader in specialized recruitment (with 4 flagship brands, 25 specialized industry or job sector focuses, 19 offices in France, and 140 worldwide), we have unique insights into the job market and its trends. With Page Insights+, we offer you exclusive real-time access to concrete and strategic data (such as salaries, in-demand profiles, competitive landscape, etc.) to build your recruitment strategy.

Why Page Insights+?

This business intelligence tool provides you with access to millions of internal and partner data, which are updated on a monthly basis. With Page Insights+, you can analyze industry trends and challenges, generate personalized reports, and make informed decisions for your future hiring needs.

Discover Page Insights+: Your new HR decision support tool!

A 360-degree view of HR trends and challenges: Benefit from real-time data from the leader in specialized recruitment to develop or refine your recruitment strategy.

Realistic salary information in the market: Explore the salaries accepted by our candidates, categorized by job, sector, and region within different employment hubs, to position yourself effectively in attracting and retaining top talent.

Personalized data for strategic decision-making: Fine-tune your attraction and retention policies with a unique overview of your ecosystem, including precise sector mapping, analysis of direct competitors, and practices of diversity and inclusion (D&I).

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