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Understand the market before recruiting                 

With PageInsights+, you can stay up-to-date on the latest market conditions and adjust your job requirements and recruitment process accordingly. Use our tool to inform hiring managers and make data-driven decisions that will help you attract and retain top talent.:

Determine a competitive salary

Go to the "Pay" tab; Choose your industry and the countries or cities where you plan to hire. Review the salaries being offered for similar roles, industries, and locations to get an idea of the budget required to attract top talent.

                                                                                                                                                                        Back to top ↑

To find the best industry and location sourcing strategy:

On the Talent tab, select the country and job function you’re interested in hiring. "Candidate locations" shows which countries or cities have the largest talent pool for your job. Do you need to consider different locations or offer a relocation package.

 The "Industry of candidates" shows how you could source potential candidates. Use this information to refine your sourcing strategy and target the most relevant talent pools. 

Know who you’re competing with: Which industry are you competing for talents with? When on the “Talent” tab, filter based on job titles. Scroll down to the “Industry of candidates” dashboard to understand which industries are receiving the most applications. Go to the “Who’s hiring tab”, filter based on the same job title and the industries you identified as your competitors, discover in the “Biggest advertising clients” which companies you are competing with.   

Industry of Candidates

Which industries do the candidates you want to hire come from? Can you expand your potential talent pool by recruiting from similar industries?

Click on the "Talent" tab
  • Filter by the jobs you've identified. Scroll down to the "Industry of candidates" dashboard
  • Find out which industries have the most candidates. This will help you know who you're competing against

                                                                                                                                                                        Back to top ↑

Gauge the ease of hiring for a particular role:

Review the percentage displayed, which reflects how much easier or harder it is to recruit for this role compared to the average recruitment process.

If the role has a positive percentage associated with it, it suggests that the role may be easier to fill than other positions. 

                                                                                                                                                                        Back to top ↑

Assess gender diversity and benchmark your recruitment:

Review the gender split data provided for the role to determine the level of gender diversity currently present within the role.
Aim to create a shortlist of candidates that aligns with the gender balance indicated for the role, as this can help increase diversity throughout the hiring process and improve your company's overall gender balance.

                                                                                                                                                                        Back to top ↑

Make competitive salary offers

To determine competitive pay before making a job offer:

For the job you are hiring for

  • Go to the "Pay" tab.
  • Use the filters bar to search for the relevant job function or title.
  • Look at the first dashboard to see the current compensation trends for similar roles. Selecting the function will provide a broader view of similar roles, while selecting the title will focus on one specific role.

In your industry

  • Scroll down to the "Pay by industry" graphic.
  • Review the data to see how salaries vary for similar roles in your industry.

In the location you’re recruiting the candidate from

  • Look at the "Top cities for pay" dashboard.
  • Select the country or city you're recruiting in to see how salaries vary in that specific location.

Inform your talent and acquisition strategy 

To do better benchmarks and understand the current state of the talent market, Page Insights allows you to:

Pin point risk of employee attrition in specific talent pools

  • Look at top jobs being hired in your industry overall and identify most at risk talents Head to the “Who’s hiring” tab, apply filters for your country and industry, scroll down to the “Top specialism” and “Most advertised jobs” dashboards. Look at for the most hired specialism, click on it and discover the most advertised jobs in this area. These most advertised specialism and jobs should be your focus. 

Look at for the most hired specialism, click on it and discover the most advertised jobs in this area. These most advertised specialism and jobs should be your focus.

                                                                                                                                                           Back to top ↑

To benchmark salaries for these roles, compare them to what your employees are currently earning and also to other industries you're competing with in your market. In the “Pay” tab, find the base salary by filtering by job function. The “Pay by industry” dashboard will compare to the industries you are competing with. Define a strategy to target talents with the biggest pay gaps and most in demand job




Understand what your competition is doing

Identify your competitors’ recruitment strategy: Which companies are hiring in your industry? What talent? Where?

In the “Who’s hiring” tab, filter based on your industry. In the “Biggest advertising clients” dashboard, select your competitors by clicking on “control” and relevant company names. Scroll down to the “Top specialism” and “Most advertised jobs” dashboards. Identify pools of hirings. Add job titles you are interested in the filter and look at the “Location map of adverts” to see where they are being recruited and inform your own recruitment strategy.